About me

While Italian born, I'm a citizen of the planet, I've lived, worked and travelled to all corners of the world and learned  along the way in depth insights about cultures, people and ways of living.

My passion for photography finally moved me back to my origins behind a camera after an extensive 20 years career in advertising and media around the world.

I'm fascinated by human nature and environments in all their particular and unique forms and expressions. Whether in cities or natural environments, I embrace the movements, heartbeats and souls of human stories through editorial and environmental portraiture.

Much of my work pays homage to the old fashion film and imagery I grew up with, honouring the craft of photography and my upbringing in the darkroom, passed on from two generations of photographers in my family.

After 20 years in the creative advertising world, I naturally gravitate towards commercial photography as I understand its language, requirements, objectives and its role within communication  and branding strategy.

Currently working between  Milan, New York, Dubai, Tokyo and Singapore, I'm open for commissions and projects anywhere there's a story to tell. 

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